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Mission: To recognize and support the important and unique role that Fathers play in ensuring the physical, emotional, and economic well-being of their children and families and to recognize that families are strong when both parents act responsibly in caring for their children. 

Target Population:  

  • Recipients of TANF and/or SNAP. 

  • Recipients of re-employment assistance. 

  • Previously incarcerated. 

  • Incarcerated Fathers. 

  • Residents in one of Florida’s 427 Opportunity Zone (economically distressed communities). 

  • Fathers participating in batterers intervention programs (BIP). 

  • Fathers involved in Chapter 39 proceeding relating to children. 

  • Fathers with children ages 17 and younger should be prioritized.

A holistic approach including services that encompass: 

  • Writing resumes. 

  • Finding employment.  

  • Finding housing. 

  • Achieving economic self-sufficiency, Budgeting. 

  • Managing child support obligations. 

  • Transitioning from a period of incarceration. 

  • Offering peer support and navigation for Fathers reentering after incarceration. 

  • Accessing healthcare. 

  • Understanding child development. 

  • Strengthening family relationships. 

  • Teaching the father’s importance and presence. 

  • Providing social services referrals. 

  • Assisting in reinstating driver’s licenses. 

  • Enhancing parenting skills. 

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