The Adult Outpatient Programs

  • Locations in: Brevard, Orange and Seminole Counties. 

  • Providing quality, evidence-based substance use treatment and educational services to adults.

  • Specialized groups offered for pregnant and post-partum women.

  • If a patient has an infant or small child, the child may attend treatment with their parent.

The Daytreatment Programs

  • Locations in: Brevard and Orange Counties. 

  • Providing quality, evidenced-based services to patients with substance use problems utilizing cognitive behavioral group therapy, network therapy, individual counseling, motivational interviewing and family intervention as needed.

  • If a patient has an infant or small child, the child may attend treatment with their parent.


The Women's Residential Program 

  • Accepting women from all Florida Counties. 

  • A level II and level IV therapeutic community utilizing quality, evidenced-based practices designed for adult women who suffer from substance use and/or co-occurring disorders.

  • In cases where a patient has an infant, small child or gives birth while in the program, the child can live with the mother while she receives treatment.

Priority admission given to:

  1. Pregnant, injecting drug users

  2. Other pregnant substance abusers

  3. Injecting drug users

  4. All other patients

Orange County Jail Programs

• Inmate Treatment Program provides services to inmates of the Orange County Jail through funding from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant program. The primary purpose of the program is to provide an avenue of treatment, exposing adult inmates to evidenced-based, substance use treatment in the form of a modified therapeutic community as well as an assortment of community services as they are released from incarceration, building and strengthening their recovery support network.

• The Young Fathers Initiative targets juveniles 17 years old and under and adults 18-24 years old who are incarcerated in the Orange County Jail and have been referred to the program by corrections staff.  The program utilizes Parenting Inside Out (PIO)  which is an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral parent management skills training program; designed for incarcerated and criminal justice involved parents.

The Drug Court Program

Adult Drug Court (Brevard County) includes a qualification phase and three (3) phases of outpatient treatment, consisting of group and individual counseling and mandatory attendance at self-help meetings. Services  include comprehensive assessments, evidence-based outpatient treatment; individual counseling; life skills; anger management; recovery support services and transportation.

Areas addressed in treatment include substance abuse education, behavior patterns of addiction, rational and irrational thinking patterns, recovery process, relapse prevention, gender/cultural issues, communication skills, stress management, anger management, life skills and HIV/AIDS education.


Medication Assisted Treatment

Naltrexone (Vivitrol) is a medication used to treat both opioid and alcohol use disorders. The injectable extended-release form of the drug (Vivitrol) is administered once a month and blocks the effects of opiates and alcohol. 

Buprenorphine is used to help individuals reduce or quit their use of heroin or other opiates, such as pain relievers like morphine. Medications such as buprenorphine, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, provide a whole-patient approach to the treatment of opioid dependency. When taken as prescribed, buprenorphine is safe and effective.

Methadone is a medication used to help individuals reduce or quit their use of heroin or other opiates. It has been used for decades to treat people who are addicted to heroin and narcotic pain medicines. When taken as prescribed, it is safe and effective. It allows people to recover from their addiction and to reclaim active and meaningful lives.

Additional Services Offered throughout Brevard, Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties. 

  • Outreach,

  • Case management,

  • Aftercare services

  • Residential IV (Transitional Housing)

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